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Slice of Haven is a celebration of homegrown talent and gourmet food. Moreover, the festival is a source of community pride. People connect over a picnic blanket, music, food and drink. Visitors come and soak up a slice of the Camden Haven way of life while we locals pinch ourselves and think, how lucky are we to live here?

Getting to Slice

Slice of Haven is held on the foreshore of the Camden Haven River on the corner of Seymour and McLennan Streets Laurieton.

Parking is available in Bruce Porter Reserve, weather permitting, or surrounding streets.

Some seating is provided, but you are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket and chairs to take advantage of the open spaces and shade under trees.

Entry is via gold coin donation. The proceeds are donated to the volunteer groups who assist the committee in the set-up, pack-up and event operations on the day. Recipients include Camden Haven Surf Lifesaving Club, Camden Haven Girl Guides, State Emergency Service, and local sporting clubs.


Pets are not permitted. Your pets may be part of your family - entirely well-behaved and totally adorable - however, this is a food event and follows the guidelines set by the NSW Office of Local Government's Responsible Pet Ownership, Companion Animals Act:


All dogs, apart from police and corrective service dogs and genuine assistance dogs, are banned from:

  • within 10 metres of a children's play area

  • within 10 metres of food preparation or consumption areas, except cafes or restaurants whose owners permit dogs (not restricted dogs or declared dangerous dogs) in their outdoor dining areas

  • recreation areas where dogs are prohibited

  • public bathing areas where dogs are prohibited

  • school grounds

  • child care centres

  • shopping centres where dogs are prohibited

  • wildlife protection areas.


Cats are banned from public areas where food is produced or consumed and from wildlife protection areas. There is considerable concern in the community about cats injuring or killing native wildlife.

This information is from the NSW Office of Local Government.

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